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I Believe

Формат MP3
Размер 5.33 МБ
Битрейт 192 кбит/c
Длительность 3:53
9 290
Добавлена 2 марта 2007 пользователем AND1 Установить на гудок

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Текст песни I Believe

You say of love
There's no such thing
You've only known
The pain it brings
You question why
I give your heart
You stay alone
You stay apart
I've seen
I know
I trust
I feel
Love is alive and for real
And I believe
I believe in love
I believe two hearts
Can learn to beat as one
And I believe
I believe that time
Can tie your soul to mine
I see the doubt there in your eyes
But I believe (in love)
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