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Формат MP3
Размер 10.11 МБ
Битрейт 320 кбит/c
Длительность 4:25
3 299
Добавлена 28 января 2013 пользователем Миша Установить на гудок

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Текст песни Beautiful

I do believe in faith cause that's how
we met It was raining and we were
soaking wet You took the last of cabs
on an empty street Then you smiled
at me and said "take a seat..."
I said do you believe in love at first
sight? You said if you give me a
reason I might Ok, well your hair is
wet and your clothes are a mess
and your makeup is all over your
face....And still you're so...
Beautiful, so sweet and just
adorable You are a miracle, simply
irresistable You are so beautiful, so
sweet and just adorable You are the
finest thing that I've seen in my life
You're everything that I've ever
dreamed of
Now it's been seven years 1 month
and a day Since we met and I'm so
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