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Формат MP3
Размер 9.58 МБ
Битрейт 320 кбит/c
Длительность 4:11
Добавлена 16 мая 2013 пользователем Миша Установить на гудок

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Текст песни Walking

I pass some kids down at the playground
I see two lovebirds holding hands
And there's an old man that I meet earch day
He's drinking the finest brand
I am walking
In the middle of the street of life
I am searching for
A little sign that's telling me left or right
My head's turning
Although my feet are going straight ahead
I keep missing
If the traffiicsigns are green or red
And I'm just walking
Between the things I should and shouldn't do
And it's confusing me
I find it hard to make a choice or two
Bur it's my way
It doesn't matter where I should belong
I trust my heart
The only way I know I can't go wrong
I see a family on vacation
I spot the hottest chic in town
I see a rich man showing empathy
To a homeless on the ground
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